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    Default Where to buy hanadama pearl necklace

    May I have some recommendations for buying a strand of hanadama pearl necklace ?
    Iím looking at around 7.5 to 8mm.
    Been searching on the internet but thinks that a recommendation will prob be more reliable ! Thank you

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    I would say you try Pearl-Paradise or Pearls of Joy for such a purchase, but others may recommend other vendors as well
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    Pure Pearls also carries Hanadama pearls.

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    I also recommend Pearl-Paradise or Pearls of Joy . I've bought Hanadama pearls from both and I've been very satisfied.

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    thank you everyone! I am still getting groggy eyed over all the different strands available.
    covid has made it a little tougher as I can only see the pearls via pictures. cant wait to be able to travel again.

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    The dealers that the others have mentioned have been vouched for by many other members of the forum. If you are in the US, I believe they offer free returns, and they should be quite helpful in selecting strands and sending you pictures of actual strands.

    If you are not in the US, see if you are fortunate enough to have a mikimoto store accessible to you (do NOT go to the likes of tiffany), just to get a sense of the kind of quality that top grade hanadama are first. I like mikimoto and have owned a few pairs of their earrings before, but they are insanely expensive.

    I personally am never happy with pearls that I didn't get to see first hand before purchasing, but I think pictures can help alot.

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    I have one strand, really nice quality, old necklace, about 3-7,5mm strand if I remember.

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    I think Bbg mentioned residing in Asia, not sure where.

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