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    Default Blue lagoon pearls questions

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’ve been reading and learnings a lot from everyone’s posts. I recently bought a set of blue lagoon from a seller. Said she only wore it a few times and I’m not sure if I got a good deal. I’m no expert and have no experience in pearls at all. I bought this set ( earing, bracelet, necklace) for $310. They look like they’re 7mm pearl but I’m not sure . I’m a bit curious though as pearls from necklace and earings look like they’re the same sizes but the bracelet’s pearls are smaller in sizes., and the bracelet are not straight. It kind of bothers me. Do you think they’re authentic blue lagoon? What size do you think these pearls are? 7mm or 8mm? Do you think these Are these good pearls and not faux pearl? ( like quality, lusters and such ) . Also do you think these need to be restrung? When I look at any pearls I can’t really tell what they are , real or faux I can’t really tell , I just think they’re so pretty . These are actually my first pearls ever and Im looking to get a few more pieces from pearl paradise to start to build up a collection. Though, I’ve Always loved pearls and been reading a lot about pearls. the reason why I don’t own any Til now is because At the beginning of my research i kept searching for non cultured pearls to buy but then after tons of searches I realized it’s impossible so I’ve end up looking for other options. I have tons of questions I would like to ask but I will have to save them for a different thread . I’ve read that pearls are mean to be worn and will dry out if not worn and kept in the box. But how often should I wear them to prevent that from happening ? Once a week , once a month? Overall do you think I got a good deal for the price I paid ? Should I sell it and invest in other pieces from other trusted online vendors mentioned in the forum? Please advise, i would love to hear from all of you. Thank you so much
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    Hello Kisstherain! Welcome to our Community
    Good photos. Let us wait for our pearl loving experts to share their knowledge!
    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
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    Thank you so much. I canít wait to hear from everyone. Iím so excited ��

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    Hi, and welcome! I remember that song, I like your name!

    I’m not one of the experts on the brand, but it looks like a lovely set. I’m sorry, I can’t tell if there are knots between each pearl of the bracelet, are there? If there aren’t knots between each pearl on the bracelet, the kink could be the tension of the pearls butting close together. Ok, sorry, I see the knots now.

    Was it shipped to you clasped, or stretched in a line? It should relax after a while if it was shipped clasped in a circle, because threads flex.

    Another explanation for the kink you see in the bracelet could be from the knotter inadvertently switching direction in the knots for a stretch, and then switching back again,
    or just a stretch of tighter tension holding the thread, or pulling the knots tighter.

    What do do the rest of you guys think? We need the real experienced kids commenting!
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    thank you lisa . its my favorite song , beautiful song . they were shipped to me clasped lisa. I thought it is not straight because they put too many pearls when the silk thread is not long enough or something .

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    Congratulations on your purchase! Blue Lagoon is one of Mikimoto's brands they sell to specific stores. so the name is well known in the pearl world. They look like authentic clasps, but it is really hard to tell in these photos. Mikimoto likes to use ribbon shaped clasps, so you'll see ribbon shaped clasps in their Blue Lagoon, Sea Magic, and Mikimoto lines. The BL and SM line of pearls are more affordable compared to the prices for the Mikimoto brand.

    The only true way to get the size is to measure them with calipers. There will be some variance in sizes among the pearls with the smaller pearls toward the back and the largest in the front of the strand. Take photos of the pearls on a white background in indirect light to get better photos. Lightly rub two pearls together to feel if there is a slight grittiness to them to see if they are real pearls. They look real to me. BL pearls are generally very nice pearls, but how they were handled determines a lot about how they will look over time. Sweat, smoke, and perfume can ruin pearls so it is a good idea to gently wipe them down after being worn.

    Regarding the kinkiness, I think it is from being restrung recently and the knots being tight. I would give it a very slight tug or just start wearing it. Over time, the threads should stretch just a bit and get rid of the kinks. It's nothing bad. You will be able to tell if a strand needs restringing by seeing gaps between pearls and the knots, or if there's a gap near the clasp. It's also a good idea to get them restrung if the thread gets discolored. You can learn how to restring your own pearls using Pattye's Beader's Secret. It's a lot easier to string with her thread than silk, and the thread doesn't stretch like silk over time. Some strands don't have knots between pearls, but I like knots. The knots keep the pearls from rubbing against each other and also keep someone from losing all their pearls when a strand breaks.
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    I have a strand of Blue Lagoon pearls from my Aunt. They are lovely, good quality pearls. Just a tiny step down from Mikimoto's name brand quality.

    As far as the bracelet is concerned, I think they are just strung tight. The kink will go away if you wear them, and as the knots loosen up a bit.

    Also, $310 for that set is a steal. You got a great deal.

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