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    Default Found this on the beach

    Hi Everyone,
    I was walking along the beach in Massachusetts with my 8 year old daughter and we found this. At first, I thought it was a marble and that it was a cool find It is white, round, and smooth. When we got home, my daughter went to put it in her marble collection and it seemed much different than a marble. I then thought it was some sort of bead, but there is no hole in it. I decided to look it up and found this sight and other people finding similar things. I did not even consider it could possibly be a pearl as it lacks the luster and silver shine that I am used to seeing in pearls. I have no idea what it is and could use some help identifying it. If it is a pearl, I would love to make it into a necklace for my daughter, but I don't want to waste my time if its just some sort of bead. How can you tell what it is? Would a jewler be able to figure it out? If it is a pearl, I am curious about what type of shell it came from. I appreciate any help or advice. I'm glad I found this site as I've learned a lot about pearls
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    It doesn't look like a pearl to me. Could it be ceramic?

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    Interesting. It does look like a ceramic bead to me, but I would use a loupe to get a better look at this perfect sphere of unknow origin!
    It could be a "clam pearl" but it is very round!
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