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    Default New Pearl lover in need of knowledge

    Hello fellow Pearl lovers. I was recently given a Strand of Pearls by my Mom that were my Grandmother's. I have been researching so I may be a wiser fool, and know what it is I'm wearing. I believe them to be a Strand of 5mm Akoya cream pearls. It would be stellar to know for sure though. I'm new to this journey and am grateful for any knowledge shared. NamasteName:  IMG_20201011_155604677.jpg
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    Welcome to the Forum Dillon!
    Nice necklace/bracelet!
    Let's see what our experts can say about your special heirloom piece
    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
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    They do look like akoyas, but could you do this? Give them a nice bath in some bottled water with mild soap (not dish soap, not detergent). Dry them on a soft clean towel. Then photograph them against a white background, such as a paper towel. In-focus, no flash, with close ups of any surface blemishes. And tell us if there is a metal mark on the clasp.

    Also, gently rub two of the pearls against each other, or rub one pearl gently against the edge of your front tooth. Do they glide easily, or is there a bit of grittiness? Real pearl nacre feels a bit gritty; imitation pearls generally feel smooth.

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