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    Default Selling vintage quality Akoya pearls

    Hi all a question, let me first say that I know there is no way I can ever sell these as Mikimoto. I recently had come into my possession a 3 string pearl necklace, by the box design I would estimate 50's. They are very nice quality and in a Mikimoto box, unfortunately that is where the good news stops, as they had no clasp. From what I could gather they were purchased by a man for his wife. Some how they got broken and he took the to a jeweller to get them repaired and he was told by the jeweller they were not worth repairing, but he would buy the gold clasp from him, he took the jewellers word and sold the clasp to him.

    So basically they are now pretty much 3 loose strings of graduated pearls which all need restringing (in whatever combination), I can not really be bothered getting them restrung myself, does anyone know the best way of selling them as they are? I dare say the box is saleable as well.

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    I agree that you can't sell them as Mikimoto. They may not even be Mikimoto pearls. They may be generic akoyas placed in that box with a made-up backstory. But if the pearls themselves are beautiful, someone will likely buy them. You could try eBay. Or Loupe Troop.

    I would not sell the box separately. You can include it in the listing for the pearls if you wish, without specifically advertising the pearls as Mikimoto.

    Clean the pearls before photographing them-- wipe them with a clean, soft damp cloth. (If they are actually grimy, give them a bath in bottled water with mild soap, rinse, and let them dry on a clean towel.)

    Take clear in-focus photos, including a few close ups, without flash on a white background (like a paper towel.) This will show the luster best.

    Whoever buys them will have to restring them, so price them accordingly. To get an idea of what they are likely to sell for, do a search for sold 3-strand graduated pearl necklaces. Be aware that used pearls do not tend to sell for a lot of money.
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