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    Oh, how true and beautifully put, Red!!! And these have definitely worked their magic on me. I have worn them every single day (necklace, earrings, and bracelet) for a week now! Today, I didn't wear them, and it feels odd, but I figured I would let them rest.

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    I've found that often the light plays a big part of your initial impression. I've ordered pearls and thought... bleh... when they arrived and then set them aside . Trying them later at a different time of day often makes all the difference.

    I'm pleased that you are happy with them - that's all that matters in the end !

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    So so true. I've opened many a box of pearls and thought, Meh. Then I tried them on and they came alive on my skin, or next to my clothing. It made a huge difference. Then looking at them in different light and at different times of day.

    If any flaw jumped out at my while wearing them, they went back. But many flaws were only noticeable when in my hand under a magnifier. Nobody else will view my pearls like that.

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