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    Default Are these pearls real? what kind are they?

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    I have these pearls that were past down to me and I would like to know their value and kind. Is it worth anything at all?

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    Hi and welcome to Pearl Guide!

    The photo is very small. It would help if you posted larger photos.

    I can see the pearls are around 7mm, round and very uniform in color and size. It looks like a long necklace and you have not shown us a clasp. (Is there a clasp?)
    They could be imitations.

    Try this: Rub one pearl gently against another pearl, or rub one pearl gently across the edge of your front tooth. Does it feel smooth or gritty?
    Imitation pearls glide easily and feel smooth (although if they are grimy they could be gummy and stick a bit when you rub them.)
    Real pearls feel gritty when rubbed together this way.

    Imitation pearls may have other traits that can help distinguish them from real pearls.

    • The cheapest ones are made of plastic and very lightweight. Glass pearls, however, are heavy.
    • Look closely at any surface blemishes you see. Is there coating flaking off anywhere? The coating of imitation pearls is thinner than real nacre.
    • Look at the drill holes. Cheaper imitation pearls may have swirls of excess coating near some of the drill holes. Also, some cheaper imitation pearls have a beveled drill hole. The better imitations won't have either, however.

    If they feel gritty, post some larger photos including any blemishes. If there is a clasp post a photo of that and note any metal marks (925, 14K, 585 etc.)

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    I agree, we need a closer photo on a white paper towel. And a photo of the clasp.

    At first glance, they look like imitation pearls to me.

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