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    Exclamation Please help me identify these!

    These pearls were given to me 3 years ago by a old man I gave free coffee where I worked at. He said they were very old. They were originally on a string that was knotted before and after every pearl. I restrung them out of fear the original string would break while I was wearing them. The original string was very fragile/old looking, but I know I need to have them restrung professionally instead now lol.
    Can anyone give me a little more info/estimated value please?? I don't even know what kind they are, but I know they're natural. Name:  IMG_20200825_031629269.jpg
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    How nice of the man to give you these pearls!

    They look like cultured Chinese freshwater pearls. They are solid nacre-- no bead inside to make them round. The value is not high. Actually these are great pearls for a bracelet-- bracelets tend to get banged around, and solid nacre pearls like these can take the wear and tear.

    You can easily restring them yourself at little cost! See our tutorial and videos on the Lowly Beader's Club forum.
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    Welcome to the forum, Molly,
    Your pearls were a sweet gift and very pretty! Great info from Pearl Dreams; perfect bracelet pearls!


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