Hello! Iím not a regular here but lurk a lot and love pearls!

Hoping to get some opinions on my estate sale Mikimotos. My mom attended the sale a couple of weeks ago and found these. She knows I love pearls so she sent me a few poor quality phone pictures; I just got a promotion at work and had had two glasses of wine when she called so I decided to throw caution to the wind and I asked her to buy them for me (I paid her back!). They were asking $900 but good old mom haggled then down to $800. The woman loves a negotiation!

I finally got them in my hands today and took some better pictures. I think the clasp looks right but open to more takes on that from people who know more than me!

The pearls are quite small, Iíd guess 5.5-6mm. I may be in the minority but I actually prefer smallish, I have larger pearls and smaller ones and usually reach for the smaller. They are very pretty but Iím guessing lower quality for Mikimoto?

Anyway, did I do ok? I know the Miki name causes probably causes some price inflation, but it feels bougie to wear the brand name!

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