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    Default Should I buy these pearls?


    I always am offered to buy different kind of jewelry and these pearl items caught my attention. Any of it is a good but? What kind of pearls they are, if real pearls?
    The first one, my favorite, is a double necklace with yellow gold flowers in the front and a platinum clasp, with interesting grayish pearls.
    The second one is a pendant with gold and diamonds.
    The third one is a drop necklace, this one I guess isn't real.
    The last one is a silver chain with colored pearls. Do you all like any? Which should I buy? Not sure if it is allowed to inform the prices they are asking here please let me know. Thank you.
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    No 1 picture looks like fresh water pearls- the deco clasp looks single style made into double ( quite stunning the clasp ).
    The flower clasp looks like it has Akoya pearl.

    No 2 Looks very old - looks like a rose cut diamond, and their is a chance they could be natural.
    No 3 Appear to be fake
    No 4 Also look like fake pearls.

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    The first one looks like someone reused a good single strand clasp with a double stand of freshwater pearls. Don't know about the pendant, but it doesn't go with the rest of the necklace. It looks like somebody created this necklace from 3 different necklaces.

    The pendant looks interesting. Could be natural pearls.

    The 3rd necklace looks fake.

    The tin-cup has pearls that are very odd shapes. Could be fake.

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    I love that clasp and would get it if for the clasp alone if the price was good. What does the back side of both the clasp and flower look like? I also think that there might be a few blue baroque akoyas around the flowers, but honestly, it is hard to tell from your photo.