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When I order beading supply from Pattyes etsyshop: PatriciaSaabDesigns, I always gets them in my mailbox. I don't have to goto the postoffice for it. Maybe it works like that in Philippines as well? Yes Wendy truly is amazing. She found me all those amazing circled south sea strands (4) and my colorchanging edison huggies, my big multicolor tahitian strand, my favorite deep golden south sea studs and all those blue and green akoyas just to mention a few. It's practical that she is also in europe like me, shipping is faster and no custom fees. I have ordered a lot from Cees as well and I am waiting for some circled tahitian bracelets from him, I had hoped that they would have arrived by now since they arrived in sweden last monday...The swedish postal service isn't as fast as it use to be.
All of those colors are lovely. When I am home, I will have to look at placing some orders with Pattye, Cees, and Wendy. My time in the Philippines really depends on my work, and I could leave at any moment. I really would like to see some quality Tahitians and Akoyas first hand from a reputable seller. There are vendors at Greenhills selling Akoyas and "Mikimoto" but I don't have enough knowledge to tell if any of it is legit. I would also love to schedule a showroom visit at Pearl Paradise when COVID is over.