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    Default Gold-filled findings on Etsy

    Hello ladies,
    Has anyone had experience with ChunSupplies for gold-filled findings on Etsy? I came across that shop and saw that their gold-filled findings are cheap. I wonder whether they are real gold-filled? Or just gold-plated but they advertise it as gold-filled?
    By the way, if that is not a reliable source, then do you have any shop you recommend? For buying just a small amount of jump rings, pinhead, clasp,... I know Bellafindings is recommended but buying just a little and pay the shipping cost for much more than that does not worth it.

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    Hi, thysa! I don’t know ChunSupplies, but I’ve been buying gold-filled findings and wire for years from MagnoliaSupply on Etsy. I’ve never found prices better than hers for gold-filled (and sterling) jump rings, clasps earring backs, chain, wire, etc. The quality of the supplies is excellent. She is in the US, ships quickly, and packs everything carefully. I’m not sure where you are located, but if you are stateside I recommend her highly. Hope this helps, and that you find what you need at the right price point!

    EDIT: I remembered that you’re in NZ. I don’t know about Magnolia’s international shipping. Maybe someone will know about ChunSupplies.
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    I can understand why you would be frustrated; I also found ChunSupplies listings unclear. Here is a list of companies in New Zealand; perhaps many do mail order and have the products you need. Hope you can find the supplies you want. ( Sadly, international shipping from US doubled a few years back.) My apologies if you've already checked these out (found via google search).

    Thank you, Multichrome, for sharing a trusted source.
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    Thank you very much multichrome and pattye. I searched a lot of companies in NZ but they mainly sell metal findings which are not silver or gold-filled , and even the cost for sterling silver is already high.
    I just contacted Carissa on MagnoliaSupply to ask if she can ship to NZ, am still waiting to hear from her. We will see
    Many thanks again for your recommendation.

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    Hello thysa, waves from this side of the ditch :-)

    Another suggestion to look for is “rolled gold”, this term is used more frequently than “gold filled” in the UK, New Zealand & Australia.

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    For several years I'd get GF findings here. Really nice people . In Sydney area I believe. International shipping will be slow - I'd do express International if you are in a hurry... even then it could take a week to leave the country .

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    @Bernadette: Oh, that's good to know. I came across that term several times but had no idea what it is , will keep searching. Thank you
    @Katbran: So good to know that they ship to NZ. I have just placed an order with them for some very classic findings. Such a good place. Thank you so much for sharing.

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