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    Natural Pearl Senior Pearl Expert newberry's Avatar
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    Great Choice! It's the strand I would keep too

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    Museum Pearl Senior Pearl Expert BWeaves's Avatar
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    Love the neck shot. Definitely the PP strand. Good choice. You won't regret it.

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    Rare Pearl Senior Pearl Expert Marianne's Avatar
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    Wonderful choice. The PP strand looks just right on you!

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    My equally untrained eye thought that the luster of the mikis was just a smidgeon better, but they are also significantly smaller and I think it gets harder to get good luster as the pearl size goes bigger right?

    Nevertheless, the neck shot proves that the PP strand is perfect for you and making me consider getting my own strand of AA / AAA from them...

    As others pointed out, they were probably also better value (if you do not care for the Miki brand name)
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    To me the Miki has the better lustre but I'm sure with the price and size difference the better buy are the PP pearls. Often the smaller pearls are brighter in lustre. The PP with the strong pink is a great choice.

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    I like the bigger pearls on you. Pearl shrinkage syndrome is a real thing!

    The percentage of akoya pearls with sharp luster goes down as pearls get larger. That makes the PP strand a real bargain in comparison to the Miki. The cost for the A1 strand in the larger size would be huge. I'd like to see a price comparison, apples to apples.

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