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    On one acre in an area described as "strange rural".


    Those turned out beautifully Sydk. Your knotting looks very well done. Is that a magnetic clasp? The color and shape is perfect for the strand.

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    The pondslime pearls looks gorgeous.

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    Thanks everyone. They are surprisingly lovely pearls and I am really enjoying wearing them.
    GemandPearl, well spotted - it is a magnetic clasp. It’s a base metal which was once gold-coloured, but has now tarnished to a bronze-y shade that’s an excellent match for the pearls. I lost half the clasp for a time while I was making the necklace, and was about to give up on the search for it when my 5 year old said “oh, is what you’re looking for this thing that I stuck to the fridge?”

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    SydK - That looks great ! I'm going to order some bronze - I'v never had much use for the brown shades but I did get Taupe for the FiJi strands that are in the earthy shades and it worked really well. It's a nice colour and worth getting I think. You know that you can get the gimp in different colours ? Bronze being one of them . Send me your address and I'll mail you a snip

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    Very pretty, SydK. Would you consider treating us to a neck shot?

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