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    Default Is this could it cost 5500$ ??

    Dear members,

    I seriously need help, please...

    My mom just bought this 2 pearls bracelets from her friend who own a jewelry store in bkk...

    one with a diamond ball : 3500$
    Without diamond: 2200$

    Both with No certificate ... (she said "I trust my friend")

    I do know how to tell which is real or fake
    but consignment or grading or pricing... "none, no idea at all"
    One thing I know is " a pearls like a BMW - luxury, expensive and bad in investment.. (horrible in investment)

    its worth ?

    Many thank you for your all advices, comments or any reply in advance ..
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    Hi Shawn,
    Welcome to Pearl-Guide. What is the purchase price in US dollars? What kind of pearls was your Mother told these pearls are? South Sea? Freshwater?
    The bracelet with the toggle clasp (no diamonds) is 925 sterling silver, a nice clasp, but inexpensive. Does the other clasp with stones have any markings indicating what the metal is?
    Your mother should have at least received a bill of sale with a basic description of each bracelet, pearl type, shape and clasp.


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    BKK is Bangkok airport, I think. If we assume the amounts are in Bangkok dollars, then:

    3500$ is $110 USD
    2200$ is $69 USD

    They are most likely freshwater pearls from China. I doubt those are real diamonds at that price.

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    They look like freshwater pearls, however, it would be important to know the weight and the size. If you have bought it for 3500$ Thai Baht, they are Freshwater pearls for sure. Also, the shape of the pearls itīs very uniform, which is very difficult to see in South Sea Pearls.

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