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    Default What kind of Pearls would these be?

    Hi Everyone,

    I had a question about a pearl necklace and bracelet set on a 10K gold chain my mother in law gave to me. The pearls look similar to a strand of 4.5 to 5mm akoya necklace that I have. However I am not an expert at this so thought maybe someone would be able to tell me what kind of pearls they are and the size. I thought maybe close to 6mm but again I am no expert. They look slightly larger compared to the other pearl necklace that I have. I posted a picture for comparison. The pearls look a little discoloured I think from the gold chain. I am hope I can clean them up. They did pass the grit test.

    Look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you again in advance. Much appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day and please take care.
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    They look like 5 mm akoya pearls. Gold itself won't discolor pearls, but the metals its alloyed with can discolor pearls. 10K gold is less than half gold, so it is very likely that the metal is discoloring the pearls around the holes.

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    Thank you for your reply. I very much appreciated it. Besides cleaning the pearls with water and mild soap, is there something else I can do to reduce the discolouration or is it too late?

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    What a pretty, wearable set, Angels,
    The dark part is most likely on the surface, and hopefully most will come off with washing; perhaps you also have an old soft toothbrush to get into the holes. You might also consider having a jeweler replace the wires or whatever is running through the pearl with 14k wire. I can't tell from the photos exactly how the connection works, though.
    Clean the chain with the soft toothbrush also, it probably will come out shinier, too.


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    Thank you. I will give your suggestions a try.

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