Well, that was interesting. We did the Face Time with the vacuum cleaner store and he showed us the Miele Home package, which would give me everything I asked for, and then he recommended a Riccar R25P. The Riccar is built in the USA. It's an upright. It's got a long hose. The attachments weren't exciting, but he got me some attachments that were similar to the ones I wanted on the Miele. The beater bar is metal. It has a bag. It's got HEPA filters.

He's going to drop it off at my house tonight or tomorrow morning. He doesn't want any contact with anyone because his mother is diabetic, so he's going to put it on my doorstep, ring the door bell and step far away. Life in the age of COVID-19. I've got 30 days to test drive it. If I don't like it, I'll swap up to the Miele.