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    Default Funny or not so funny stories on finding a lost pearl jewelry!

    I wonder if anyone has a funny anecdote on the subject!

    Here’s mine, that I had completely forgotten....

    Years ago on our first trip to Hawaii, my husband bought me a pair of lovely Akoya studs with diamonds that I dearly treasure to this day! When we got back home, our beloved dog, a Lab, was so excited to see us, that a lot of licking took place! That night when I went to wash my face and remove my jewelry, I noticed that one of the studs was missing. We looked everywhere, till I remembered all the licking, and we wondered did she really swallowed the stud??
    So we decided to confine her to the garage till she pooped, and so she did, and I hate to admit it, but as gross as it sounds, we grab sticks and went to work! And as you may have figure it out, we did find it and gave it a through wash and let it seat in boiling water till it looked cleaned and ready to wear again!

    I have no shame in retelling the story but the things you’re willing to do sometimes lol!!!

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    Thanks for sharing! Yes. I have gone through my cat's poop after he ate my jewelry, but fortunately, he coughed up a furball the next evening, which is not nearly as bad and there were two pieces of an 18k gold chain. I never found the last piece of chain so I hope it eventually made it's way out or I missed it at the scene of the crime - a speckled Berber carpet where it's hard to find anything. I was looking for the pendant that was on it and one missing matching earring. I did eventually find them, but he bit one of the diamonds and it needs to be replaced. Who knows when I'll get to that chore?

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    Haha, that’s so funny. Mostly my cats just knocks my pearls onto the floor when I have them on the beading board. They steal things though, paint rollers, the sieve that’s suppose to be in the bathtub, one tiny barbie, a saddle for a barbie horse, not-husbands car keys (I tell him he needs a purse) and an old pair of thicker tight for children (the ones they wear with dresses when it's cold...thry leave them as offerings inside the front door...some were in boxes and got pulled out of those little holes where you put your hands in when you lift the boxes. I mean the children are all grown and their belongings wait for them to pick them up in a room upstairs.

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