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    Default Mikimoto Necklace Question

    Recently I got a necklace for my wife. After receiving it I noticed there are some blemishes on some pearls on the strand, knowing nothing about pearls... wanted to ask the experts if this is normal for a Mikimoto necklace? Any insight is much appreciated!

    Here is a picture of the necklace, 7.5mm-7mm size
    Name:  20200424_131249.jpg
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    Here is a closeup of an example of a blemish, the earring is for comparison with a "lower" quality pearl
    Name:  20200424_130844.jpg
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    Some more close ups and comparisons
    Name:  20200424_130901.jpg
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    Name:  20200424_130936.jpg
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    Name:  20200424_130956.jpg
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    Even high grade pearls have some variations in texture. These are tiny imperfections that would never be seen when worn. They are proof that they were made by oysters and not a machine. These are beautiful high quality pearls so you should feel good about the soundness of your purchase.

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