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    Default Are these natural baroque South Sea pearls?

    Hello !
    I hope to find you and your beloved ones in good health, peacefull minds and tranquility!
    Need your help - I am interested about this necklace - if there are real SS baroque pearls or not.
    Here some details: They are individually knotted on silk, with silver clasp, each one measures approx 8mm x 1cm, weight is 43.1 g, lenght 45.5 cm, colour ivory white.
    All your answers will be much appreciated !
    I wish you all a nice, quiet time, fullfill with good health, strenght, power and peace!
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    Hi Libella, these are no natural pearls but fresh water pearls, nice if you not pay too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cees View Post
    Hi Libella, these are no natural pearls but fresh water pearls, nice if you not pay too much.
    Hello !
    Thank you so much for your answer! I didn't take them - want it for my mum, but not beeing sure about them, i firstly ask here.
    I wish you a beautiful weekend, fullfill with health, love, harmony, peace and best moments togheter with your loved ones !
    All the best and may you have a wonderfull and peacefull Easter time !
    Best whishes,

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    Those are really cheap freshwater pearls. The egg shapes and the flat sides and small size give it away.

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    They are flat backed fresh water pearls. Fire mountain gems sells these pearls in strands. The clasp too. I inherited my mum’s pearl craft room she has some of these pearls and clasps. Not the only vendor who has them. I know she shopped with them a lot.

    Welcome to the Forum.


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    Cheap Chinese freshwater pearls. Welcome, Libella. Keep hanging around here, and pretty soon you will be able to recognize them as well.

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    That strand would be about 10$ retail. Freshwater, very low quality. I think you need to look at some better sellers. Try Wen or Kong on ETSY they have a wide range of pearls and will send extra photos .

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