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    I agree, not boring at all and I hope you find the perfect little brother for Chester.

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    GemGeek, Oscar was beautiful! Wow, 19, you must have so many happy memories.

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    Right? I do have a treasure trove of fond memories. At 19, I feel like I shouldn't have been so set back emotionally, because it was clear that he was getting more frail. Even now, I have little bursts of sadness. He had a magnificent life and was cuddled beyond belief, so no regrets.

    Mom has been enjoying Chester's prolonged visit while I have to finish pulling weeds from my embankment before the homeowners association writes me a well deserved nastygram. We'll all be together soon.

    Meanwhile, kittens are disappearing almost as fast as Helen Woodward can post them. I take heart in the fact that Spring has sprung and an onslaught of kittens should be right around the corner. Nature will provide my furry baby with his own baby. It's just a matter of time.

    Thanks for listening! Hugs.

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