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Thread: Purple pearls

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    Thanks all for your lovely comments. I will definitely repost when they are strung.

    I am reluctant to string them myself as they were expensive. I could of course try my skills on a cheap strand but I think the costs slowly start mounting up in the end. Of course my view on that may change the longer social isolation measures remain in place...I am starting to get a bit restless ��

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    I would say that you can't really ruin anything by stringing a strand. At worst, the stringing doesn't look good, you cut it up and either try again or give up.
    There's a starter kit from Pattey here:
    If you need other colours, I'd just contact Pattey about it.
    I restring my own expensive strands. Feels very liberating :-)

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    You can't mess up stringing. You're just putting the pearls on thread and knotting in between. If you still want them professionally strung, there is no extra cost to cutting your stringing effort apart, since most stringers would be restringing existing strands anyway.

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    Definitely give it a try ! Given how slow the mail is at the moment you could order Beaders Secret from Melbourne - Bernadette a member here sells it on ETSY . She's got the needles etc and you can watch various videos to learn how to knot.

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