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    Default What size thread?

    Looking to restring several necklaces I picked up at auction, with Griffen silk. I know the exact hole sizes, but wasn't sure what size thread I should get? Same? Slightly smaller? Half as small? Looking to have big fat knots in between! Some are real pearls, some are imitiation. Can't purchase a whole lot of thread so looking to narrow it down to what should work the best for each strand. Thanks!

    Lavender 0.6mm hole x 8mm pearl
    Orange 1.3 mm hole x 10 mm bead
    Cream 0.9 mm hole x 6mm pearl
    Black 0.7 mm hole x 10 mm pearl
    Purple 0.8 mm hole x 12 mm pearl

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    Hi a winter pearl, I don’t use griffin cord so I am not familiar with the gauge sizes.

    If you are in the UK, Wendy from Pearlescence re-strings with griffin, so she could perhaps advise you.

    Etsy is another place, there are quite a few sellers there, and just need to pm them in their store.
    Hope this helps

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    It sounds like you have some fun restringing projects planned! Here is Wendy's She is a member here. website. If you're planning to use the Griffin silk with attached needle, the diameter of each thread size is in the upper right on the Griffin card. has a good selection.
    To have as large knots as possible, you'll have to use the thickest size thread that will go through the hole.


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