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    Default Is my pearl necklace real or fake? Answers please

    Hello, so lately i got bunch of stuff from my family and there was some jewelery, i were interested to know are my grandparent gifted pearls real or fake so does somebody know? Thank you..
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    Likely fake, based on:

    • uniformity of size, surface appearance and color tone of pearls
    • the low end way it is finished (the bead tips that connect the necklace to the clasp)
    • large knots (fake pearls tend to have larger drill holes than real pearls) and thicker thread makes larger knots)
    • if the clasp is base metal the pearls are more likely to be fake

    Try this simple test: Rub two of the pearls against each other or rub one against the edge of your front tooth (after wiping them clean with a damp soft cloth). Real pearls would feel a bit gritty; fake pearls would glide smoothly.

    Even if fake, there may be sentimental value in the pearls anyway. That generation often wore fake pearls. My husband's late mother, as well as mine, wore fake pearls.

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    They look like imitation pearls to me, too. For the same reasons that PD gave. I have a faux strand from my grandmother that I cherish because they were hers.

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    Itsthegamer, my deepest apologies. As part of my admin duties, I deleted your account by mistake. Unfortunately, you will need to sign up again to post. You are definitely welcome here.

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