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    Quote Originally Posted by ericw View Post
    I agree you, nnguye20, pearls raw forms inspire many designs there sizes allow to wear.
    It would be difficult to wear nice minerals you show . Many of them are fragile, too.
    It's interesting to point that calcite, CaCO3, crystals are nearly the same element that pearls nacre (aragonite, CaCO3 too).
    About photos, the only way I have found to shoot a pearl without enough good camera is to take the picture from a bit far, with the highest definition, then to crop the picture... But I have never made miracles.
    Ericw you know what? I think I haven't really gone too far from pearls haha. Despite having seen crazy mineral specimens, my favorite mineral is still calcite!
    For pearl photos, I always use my phone, the resolution is not that great but I am happy with the result. Funny thing is, I think the perfect place to take pearl photos is in my bathroom, where the walls are covered with white ceramic tiles and there's a small window above the head which lets enough sunlight at noon to come through, not too bright but not too dark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattye View Post
    Your photos are just wonderful, Rose! Of course I remember you from Ruckus! Perhaps pearl bracelets would give you something to look at frequently; some of us really enjoy our bracelets for that very reason! I studied about gemstones on my own long before I discovered pearls.
    Quote Originally Posted by Katbran View Post
    Beautiful photographs !! Thanks so much for sharing your collection !!
    Quote Originally Posted by CathyKeshi View Post
    Hi Rose! I remember you well from Ruckus; it's so nice to "see" you here visiting again Your mineral and pearl specimen shots are wonderful; thanks for sharing. Husband and I have a very tiny collection of minerals: Just a few geodes and fossilized wood pieces. Gems and pearls are all jewelry for me, unless I have a few that just aren't set. I have a lovely cushion cut lighter blue sapphire I just have never found the right setting for. Otherwise, it's into a piece of jewelry. I hate when I can't see the piece while I'm wearing it though, so much more fun when it's a bracelet or a longer rope necklace so I can play with the pearls.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeg View Post
    I have wondered where you were off to, nnguye20. Fabulous new hobby, and looks like you are also into photography. The photos and specimens are wonderful!
    Quote Originally Posted by linda.wald View Post
    Hello Rose! Nice to have you back. I remember you from Ruckus I love your collection of minerals. On pearls, I used to wear shorter strands, but more and more I want to wear ropes because that means I can look at them. Bracelets and rings are also nice, but I am such a klutz I worry about bracelets. Thanks for the photos; I love the tahitian with the bump on the top.
    Quote Originally Posted by amti View Post
    Hi Rose! You've acquired some really neat gems! I like the golden ssp and its orgins. I like ropes and bracelets for my really pretty pearls because I can see them in all sorts of light. If they are on rings, I have to be very careful I don't bump them.
    Thank you everyone for your support and thank you so much for remembering me! I would agree that bracelets are great way to wear and enjoy pearls, but they are so scary tho...
    Aside from pearls, what are your favorite gemstones? I may be able to take and share some pictures of their collector-grade raw forms when I visit Tucson this February

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