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    Default Bought dark pearls at auction

    I liked the color and the price was good, so I took a chance and bought these at an online auction. Just wondering what I ended up getting? The lightbox photos made them appear much more green and lustrous, but when I got them they are solidly brownish! They need restrung, and depending on their value I will probably end up trying it myself. They are gritty, 10mm pretty evenly across their widest point, and the clasps have zero markings and feel cheap but aren't magnetic. I'm assuming cultured dyed freshwater, so not worth much at all?
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    You called it right-- dyed FW pearls. Not high value but fun to wear, and solid nacre, therefore durable.
    If you want to try stringing them yourself, see our tutorials and videos on the Lowly Beaders Club.

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    Are the clasps the same? Some of us like to make a longer necklace occasionally by hooking the two pieces together. Dyed pearls like these do change color depending on the light source. Enjoy!


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