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    Default Where to sell Mikimoto pearls

    I inherited a Mikimoto Pearl necklace- 95 pearls, 1961 in box with certificate (I'll post pictures once I get them back from auctioneers!). My friend, a jeweller said they may be worth 1000, but upon getting them valued by an auctioneer (as I had a number of other items for auctioning) he said they would only enter them into an auction for 40-60! I told him this seemed like a massive difference, and he advised that they would potentially retail at 1k but in an auction would not fetch much.

    I am wondering now, where is the best place to sell these?


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    Although pre-owned pearls do not tend to hold their value, Mikimoto brand pearls are more likely to hold value than unbranded pearls or brands with no name recognition.

    These are the search results on eBay UK for SOLD Mikimoto pre-owned pearls. You can see there is quite a range for necklaces. I expect the condition of the pearls, the size, graduated or uniform size, single strand or multi, length and quality (including the type of clasp, diamond or otherwise) all affected the final price. That being said, 40-60 seems low.

    If selling them on eBay doesn't appeal to you, you could list them on Loupe Troop or Diamond Bistro, or other online selling sites that may be popular in the UK. You could also consign them with a local jeweler, but remember the jeweler will take his or her share of the sale price (here it would be 50% or more).
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    Perfect, thank you so much for your response! I'll give eBay a shot initially then check out the sites you've mentioned.

    Many thanks,

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