Hello All,

I upcycle/repurpose vintage jewelry into more modern usable pieces as a hobby. I buy large lots of "junk" jewelry and nose around thrift stores and the like for usable pieces. I often will buy a piece for the clasp closure which was the case with the strand of pearls, at the time not realizing it was 14k or the diamond was in fact a diamond. Although, when I purchased the necklace(for $3) I thought the pearls had a really striking glow and color, much better than a glass pearl has in my opinion. Anyway, once I realized the clasp was 14k gold and the diamond a diamond, I turned my attention to the pearls themselves because why would you use a pricey clasp on cheap pearls? This is a rule I use with all vintage/antique pieces, in general, and always research before breaking it apart. Now, they are gritty, but not an aggressive, wow that's a sandy pearl. They also passed my fingernail test, ask me. I would say they have a molten and slightly pitted appearance under a loop and though they are cold to the touch they are surprising lighter in weight, but they are mostly smaller pearls. I work a lot with FW/cultured pearls, but these do have me scratching my head. They measure approximately 4mm to 8mm on a 16inch necklace.

I purchased the earrings in an antique shop in NJ, I just fell in love with them. I think they are blister pearls? They are set in a 830 silver, which makes me think they might Scandinavian, but I don't know for sure. They have a bluish/greyish hue to them in sunlight.

Any information would be appreciated on either piece.
Thanks, GIGI

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