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    Default any ideas for these circle pearls? also price question for keshi necklace.

    Hello everyone.


    I've been eying this keshi necklace but not sure about the price.

    I have never seen keshi in other stores in this country (pearls are not very popular..) so I want to know

    how much this type of strand cost elsewhere.

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    Also, for those circle wss and gss, I really want them as they are so shiny but don't know what to do with them once I buy.

    I was thinking of a necklace with those 4 wss but would love to hear some other ideas.

    For these, they were asking for 20usd each (closing out sale price.).

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    The Tahitian Keshi are generally fairly pricey. If you look at Druzy Designs - they usually have some. That will give you an idea as to retail price, or Wen or Kong pearls on ETSY.

    The little WSS circles are a good price - I'm assuming around 10-11 mm ? .

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