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Thread: Tahitian Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katbran View Post
    Red ! The lustre on those is wonderful and the colour is fabulous !! Well bought !!
    Thank you, Katbran. The luster is phenomenal in person. Generally, it takes a while for me to warm up to new pearls, but these looked amazing immediately.

    Quote Originally Posted by SydK View Post
    You were wise to pull the trigger on these - they are beautiful and look great on you.
    And I still have some pearl funds for something else
    Looking forward to your next purchase, SydK.

    Quote Originally Posted by BWeaves View Post
    OOOO, I was hoping someone on PG grabbed those Kamoka beauties. Their studs are truly amazing. It's hard to pick a favorite. They look great on you Red.

    It's almost 100F today, but tomorrow it's not even supposed to reach 70F. We'll see.
    Snow showers again today, but it is supposed to warm up next week. That's fine. I'm not going anywhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by jesskat View Post
    Love love love!!
    Thank you, jesskat!

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlotta View Post
    Your new blue kamokas are gorgeous, and a great match as well.
    Thank you, Charlotta. I don't always comment on your posts of your amazing pearl photos, but I enjoy seeing them all. Thanks, and please keep sharing.

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    Oooo, love your new studs!

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    Red those new Kamoka studs are a stunning color, and they look wonderful on you ... Congratulations!


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    The luster on your blue pearls is amazing Red! They ought to be blue enough to make those gray skies look blue!

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