Hello experts. I'm new on the forum and new into the world of pearls. I was hoping to introduce these fishy eyes to my jewellry collection and was doing my homework when a fact hit and egged me since the day I learnt the information.

I was told that 90% of the world's finest Akoyas come from Japan. I also know that since the Fukushima Disaster of 2011 the government never quite managed to seal off the radioactive leak into the ocean. Yes, the ocean current would dilute the nuclear radiation (hopefully), but diluted seawater and cultivating the product in a high risk zone submerged in bio-hazardous water are two very different matters in my mind.

I was wondering if the Japanese adminstration or at the very least the Japanese Pearl Association (if there is any) was doing any testing/screening/preventing in regards to this issue.

So in a nutshell-is Japanese Akoya safe to wear?