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    Angry HELP PLEASE!!!! My mikimotos have been REPLACED at the jewelers!!

    I recently had my 3 drop mikimoto pearl necklace repaired at Zales (where it was originally bought 10 years ago) due to one of my largest end pearl to be replaced. It fell off, and asked for them to replace it, not to mention first repair EVER besides chain. Due to them no longer carrying Mikimoto any more it left me at a hault. Should I take my chances and roll the die and have them just replace the SINGLE mikimoto pearl which they claim it will still be an 'Akoya" that they say they would? Well It's been my favorite necklace since it was gifted to me. I wear it everywhere, with everything, everyday. So naturally I said hell with it I just need it back on my neck and took the plung and told them to fix it PLEASE! Long story short, they just recently called me back saying there was a mistake and that the jewelery repairer (out of state) had REPLACED ONLY the 2 of my mikimoto pearls that were sent in. On the the receipt and on records it clearly states 3 DROP MIKIMOTO DROP NECKLACE. Didn't even bother adding the original missing mikimoto pearl. Mind you, the largest one. I have never been in this situation before, and of course I'm absolutely mortified. My question is what kind of actions can I make with this particular situation? All responses are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Here's my opinion. Someone please correct me if I have anything wrong:

    First, is the necklace Mikimoto or is it Sea Magic or Blue Lagoon by Mikimoto? If you're not sure, you can probably look around online and find out.

    If it's worth it to you... If it's just "Mikimoto," I'd try to get the two original pearls back if possible, along with a refund of course, if you paid Zales. Then see if you can send it directly to Mikimoto for repair, and keep the paperwork as evidence that it's all authentic Mikimoto, in case you ever want to sell it or pass it down. Mikimoto keeps its value better than generic pearl jewelry. If you use replacement pearls that aren't Mikimoto, the necklace will lose value because it will no longer be fully Mikimoto.

    However, if the necklace is Sea Magic by Mikimoto or Blue Lagoon by Mikimoto, those are their lower quality brands so keeping its value over generic pearl jewelry isn't as much of a concern. I'd still try to get the original two pearls back, if you like them better than their replacements, and of course, a refund from Zales if you paid them. I'd still take the necklace elsewhere for repair since Zales has made more than one mistake. But I wouldn't worry about the brand name of the replacement akoya pearls.

    Another thought, it might be better to replace all three pearls to be sure they match each other well.

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes. We may be able to help you more if you post pics.
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    Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear that your necklace didn’t get repaired or replaced with 3 Mikimoto pearls! Which btw is what you intended right? Or were you ok with similar type of Akoya pearls? I still don’t think this is not a satisfactory repair at all! Only 2 of 3 pearls replacement! Do you have pictures of your original necklace? Did you have each of the original pearls measured? I honestly would tell them that it is unacceptable and you want all the original pearls sent back to you. And take your necklace to a Mikimoto retail store to have it repaired as suggested by Sea Urchin. I hope the out of state jeweler repair person still has all the original pearls. I would not find it acceptable to only have 2 pearls replaced. Who knows what those replacement pearls were added...may be smaller/inferior than the ones you originally owned. Another thing what kind of jeweler keeps the original largest pearl. Quality jewelers know what to do and provide the best service and handle customer personal jewelry with upmost care, meaning for sure he/she noted that it is a 3 drop Mikimoto necklace! And to call you back saying oops, only 2 pearls sorry is not cutting it. If they cannot provide you with the original pearls, you are owed an original price of an Mikimoto 3 pearl drop necklace. Don’t accept anything less and do not compromise! Do not walk out the store with the necklace, if it is not satisfactory to you, don’t take possession and go up the management chain! Once you sign for it or take it out of the store, I don’t think there will be anything more that will be done by Zales.

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