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    Default Natural Freshwater Unionidae Pearl 6.54 carat (needing advice)

    We had a local jeweler send it off to the Gemological Institute of America to be identified back in 2008. It has been sitting in our safe since then. The GIA Report #1106173471 identified it as follows. This was found in Black River, about 4 miles downstream from Clearwater Dam close to Leeper Missouri.

    Quantity: 1
    Weight: 6.54 carats (26.16 grains)
    Measurement: 10.25 x 9.45 mm
    Drilling: Undrilled

    Pearl(s): Natural pearl
    Environment: Freshwater
    Mollusk: Unionidae
    Treatments: No indication of treatment

    Shape: Oval
    Bodycolor: White
    Overtone: Pink
    Luster: n/a
    Surface: n/a
    Nacre Thickness: n/a
    Matching: n/a

    Needing information on who we could trust to give us an accurate value or possibly sell for us. We have the original GIA report. Thanks for any help with this.

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    You might want to look at the following two websites for ideas on value. These are sellers of natural pearls.

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