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    Default Can you help me confirm if these are salt water pearls?

    These were sold to me as South Sea Pearls, but I'm not sure if the gray one is Tahitian and not SSP. They are loose and undrilled (10 mm). It's fine with me if the silvery gray pearl is not SSP, as long as it's not fresh water pearl. Could anyone help me confirm? Thanks!Name:  20190620_144357.jpg
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    I don't think we can confirm that one way or the other, since undrilled pearls can also be dyed and since FWP are now being cultured with a bead nucleus.

    This is what I suggest: look at the other pearls the seller is selling as SSP.

    Be suspicious if the pearls are colors that don't occur naturally in SSP but do occur naturally in FWP (like pink, peach, lavender).

    Gray is not a SSP color. They could be Tahitians or dyed FWP. Be suspicious if the price is too good to be true. FWP cost less than Tahitians or SSP.

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    They could be Sea Pearls , the Grey would be a Tahitian . Is this an eBay or ETSY seller ? If you post the link we can see what else they sell and that can help check the 'honesty factor' .

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