Hi everyone, I'm trying not to leave negative feedback for an ebay seller I've bought pearls from for several years and I've been generally happy with them. I've spent nearly $7000 on her items (loose pearls and jewelry) and left a lot of great feedback, but now my id is banned from contacting her or buying anything.

I think what happened is in May, I returned a pair of earrings because in person, the color was much darker than the listing photos. I received a refund, no problem. Another purchase made in May was a necklace, there was nothing wrong with it but I really did not like it, and I missed the 30-day return window by about a week. She rejected my return and banned my id. I am really surprised at this because I've given her so much business.

I think I can still leave feedback on that item, but I'm still thinking about what I could say. Or I may be banned from that too.

What would you do?