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    Default Are these real south sea pearls? Please help

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    Hello, everyone!

    I would like to seek your help to know if this pair of earrings are real south sea pearls? 10mm in stainless setting . I took pictures beside my fake pearls (gold and bigger). I has wee bits of “fish bites” The seller rate it AAA luster quality.
    Am I wrong? I’m very new at this. I did rub it and it feels gritty compare to the fake pair. However I think this is just CFWP and not real South Sea Pearls =(
    Thank you in advance for your help! Bonjour🍏🌸
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    Now that freshwater pearls are being grafted with bead nucleuses it is harder to tell --especially from photos-- whether any given pearls are FW or SS.

    A few questions that may help you come to your own conclusions:

    • Did you pay SS prices for them, or FW prices? SSP are significantly more rare, and therefore more expensive than FWP. A vendor selling SSP at FW prices would lose money. (Unfortunately that doesn't stop a dishonest seller from selling FW at SS prices.)

    • What else does the seller sell as SSP? If they are selling pink or lavender colored pearls (which can only be FWP) as SSP, then it is likely yours are also FWP and that is a dishonest seller.

    • Is this in the Philippines? I don't understand valuable SSP being set in cheap stainless steel settings, but we recently had a poster from the Philippines say that stainless steel settings were common. Do you ever see SSP set in stainless steel in proper jewelry shops? If not, then I would question why your studs are set in stainless steel.
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    Hello, Pearl... Firstly, thank you for your response! ��

    1. I did pay for a SSP price. These were loose pearls and had a choice whether to go for gold or a stainless steel setting...I went for the latter. I thought it cant be seen anyhow and I’m not planning to resell it. So long it’s hypoallergenic.

    2. Unfortunately, the seller is currently selling pink “ssp” =(

    3. Yes, this is in the Philippines. Stainless steel setting is fairly common. Generally, locals dont pay much attention to pearls. My obvious concern is being deceived. It was a choice between an online store vs physical store (branded). I thought I want mine to come all the way from Palawan as opposed to one from the mall. She’s well-reviewed. Thus ended up choosing her e-shop. However, my first impression upon receiving the package, the shop didn't issue an official receipt. Very peculiar for what seems to be an established online shop. I mean, I get ORs from reputable online sellers for buying Bingo set and other non-valuable things�� She did issue an authenticity certificate but anyone who owns a computer and laptop can do that��*♀️

    I have checked SSP in the malls and this pair easily reminds me of my fake one (used it to do a dry run test if I actually want to wear pearls��) than SSPs. Although, it feels a bit heavy and has the “gritty” feel . But it really doesnt have that authentic “feel” and look =( And frankly, the fish bites seem unnatural �� Kind of look, “manufactured/made”.

    And as you have mentioned about the pink ”ssp” , I can confirm she has it =( So I guess, I got my answer. Also, I have never checked for FWP so I can’t tell.

    P. S.
    Is it okay to share link of online stores?

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    You can share the link, yes.

    Having already seen the link in the PM you sent me, her bright green and very gray pearl studs she has listed are surely dyed, and it would only make sense to dye FWP those colors.

    The very deep golden pearls may also be dyed; their prices do not reflect the value of genuine naturally deep golden SSP in those sizes. US$185 for 12mm deep golden SSP studs, with substantial gold findings? No.

    The white pearls with rose overtones are not what I was referring to-- FWP commonly are actually pink (not just overtones), peach or lavender naturally.
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    Fortunately, the seller is to accept my return. Hopefully, I wont have problem getting the refund!
    I’m sharing the link to help others avoid transacting with yet another deceitful seller��

    �� Merci����

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