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    I don't think the ringed pearls are Japanese Akoya. Pearls of poor quality were not given export permits especially in the 60's and 70"s.
    In my 50 years of seeing pearls in the market I never saw ringed pearls until fresh water came on the market. Clasps on a strand don't mean anything. Old clasps are dime a dozen and can be applied to any thing to increase its value.

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    When was freshwater pearls first bead nucleated? It is very interesting! to me it is not of any importance if they are akoyas or not, I just want to understand what I see. It's very cool if they are early bead nucleated freshwaters or if they are small south seas. Value - if any does not matter but it would be grate fun to find out what they are. Is it any easy ways I can find it out myself?

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    Amti, how cool wouldn't that be; mini south seas!!! - But bead nucleated freshwaters with that shape is super cool to. I forgot about them cause it's so busy just now, but now I just had look at them again

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    SS necklaces are usually graduated, e.g. 11-14mm. I would think those circled pearls are fwp.

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