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    Default Anything special about these pearls?

    Since I'm obsessing over pearls today, perhaps some could shed some light on this pretty pearl bracelet with a 10kt gold clasp. I find this bracelet to be quite charming. The second last pearl on the O ring side of the clasp has a beautiful lustre and then 2 flat circles opposite each other. Looking through my 10x loupe, I can see several 'rings' within.
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    Beans, you have a pretty bracelet of chinese cultured freshwater pearls. Hope you get a lot of wear from it!
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    I agree with Lugana. They do seem to have nice luster!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl Dreams View Post
    I agree with Lugana. They do seem to have nice luster!
    They do! Unfortunately, I don't care for wearing bracelets and as a country dweller, no special occasions for wearing pearls. They'll get listed in my online store.

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    They are nice, very inexpensive, freshwater pearls. You certainly don't need a special occasion to wear them. Enjoy them !

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