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    Loose grade pearls are the pearls set aside for earrings, pendants, brooches, or rings.

    They are higher quality than the pearls that are drilled and strung up at the factories in temporary strands, to be sold to vendors for use as necklaces and bracelets.

    What PP did first is drill loose grade pearls and sell them as strands; their trademarked name for these is "Freshadama". Since then other vendors have followed suit with their own gem grade pearls.

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    I prefer the Pearls of Joy strand as well. The PS strand colour doesn't bother me so much, as more rose toned strands tend to look better on me. It's how egg shaped many of the pearls are that jumps out at me. That would bother me over time.

    But I agree, unless one is quite petite, 7.5-8mm can look a little dainty. My akoya are in that size range and I constantly find myself wishing I had spent the money at the time to go up a size or two.

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    OP, which strand did your wife choose? I'm sure she was thrilled to get such a lovely gift.

    Oh, and a quick tip to find out your wife's skin tone is to reference her foundation. Take a picture of it, go to Ulta or Sephora and ask one of the staff for help. They can tell you what her undertones are based on the foundation brand and shade name.

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