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    Question Vivid Linen Sizing Question

    For those who wear (or have worn) Vivid Linen clothing, can you please share the general "fit"? Do the clothes tend to fit true to size?

    I typically wear a medium (size 10 or sometimes 12), and the size medium measurements on their website seem like they would fit me. That said, in "real life", occasionally some mediums fit larger, some mediums fit smaller than a true medium. I have some lovely linen tops by a company called "Flax" and I buy size small because their medium swims on me!

    I'd prefer to get the size correct to avoid the hassle (and disappointments) of returns.

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    Kind of depends on the style. Probably more true to size unless it’s a relaxed fit style, then it would be more like Flax. Even though it’s an Asian company, they have a US distribution center, so returns wouldn’t be difficult. They are made for the American market, so sizing is definitely American.

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    Thank you, jeg. I’ll try a piece and if it fits well, will probably yield to temptation and buy several things.

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    I'm a size 10, and their mediums fit me well. The close fitting styles skim my body, and the loose styles are loose, but just right.

    Their size chart is very accurate. However, I've only ordered the styles that come in small, medium, large. I haven't tried any of their styles that are numbered 8, 10, 12, etc. But since returns are quick (I've received a refund within 3 days) and mailed to a location in California, I have no fear of ordering a couple of sizes and then returning the size that doesn't fit.

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    Great to know, BWeaves! I'm so glad you chimed in, because you actually have some of their beautiful pieces! Now I can really get to bookmarking things and whittling down the list, LOL!

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