Hi Pearl Friends!

Some Ruckus attendees might remember Juliebeth kindly helping me choose my first Fiji pearls a few years ago. Lots of thinking, planning, searching for materials, and waiting for all those stars to line up ... leading to today's package.

The pearl babies are from our friends in Fiji; roughly in the 9 - 10mm range, mostly smooth drops and near rounds with a few circles, rings and lots of color banding. Finally found the right 14K gold chain on a discontinued roll at Bella Findings in Los Angeles last year. When our own PG friend Sarah from Oceans Cove posted the Fiji and Diamond mis-matched earrings, I was online messenging in seconds. I asked if she'd be interested in working on my loose Fiji pearls and to my delight , she said "YES!" There was a even bit of chain and a few pearls left for a bonus Tassel! Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am wildly delighted with these pieces. ALL photo credits belong to Sarah, as I am hopeless with a camera, and she's ... a magician as far as I'm concerned

Unset Bracelet Pearls
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Unset Necklace Pearls
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Fiji Charm Bracelet
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Fiji Charm Bracelet Different Light
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Fiji Charm Bracelet with Mis-Matched Fiji and Diamond Ocean's Cove Earrings
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