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    Default Pearls from a resale shop… are these real?

    I recently purchased this necklace for $6 at a thrift store. The silver clasp and knotting between the pearls made it think these might be real. However, the peeling makes be think they are fake. Can you help me out? Thank you!
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    A quick test-- rub 2 of the pearls together gently. Do they glide smoothly on each other, or is there a gritty feeling? Smooth = fake, usually.

    That bare spot on the end pearl does look like what a peeling imitation pearl looks like, but the photo is small. If the pearls feel gritty, post a close-up of the end pearl, and any other blemishes that stand out on the pearls.

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    I've seen lots of faux pearls strung with knots between the pearls, and real pearls not strung with knots. The lack of overtones and the rather drab solid color of all the pearls makes me think they are fake, too.

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