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    Default Found on the Island of Mindanio, Philippines

    The smaller ones are about .5 kilos and many larger ones are over 3 kilos. All are cold when touched and gritty when rubbed with another one. Are these like (or are they) the giant pearls? (found off the island of Palawan in Visayas Philippines?

    Thats concrete on the last one. Someone had covered them up and they had to be dug out of the cave.

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    Will continue researching

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    These are most likely pieces of shell that have been polished. It is common for these giant clam shells to be worked (shaped and polished) in order to pass as pearls. But they are not actually pearls. Even though shell and pearls are made of the same material, shell is not pearl.

    Here are some articles about the subject:


    2. Read the article beginning on page 424 in this issue of The Journal of Gemmology, published by the SSEF (Swiss Gemmological Society):

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    Looks like rocks.

    Would you hang a string of these around your neck?

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    Interesting. I hope you didn't pay a lot for them. Good door stops or book ends I guess.

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    Thanks for following up. Ill check and see if we need any new indoor shell decor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWeaves View Post
    Looks like rocks.

    Would you hang a string of these around your neck?
    Now that might make Wilma Flintstone jealous!
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