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    Default 8.5-9mm Akoya necklace feels too heavy? does this get better with time?

    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here with another question

    I recently purchased a 8.5-9mm strand at 20". In theory, I thought the 8.5-9mm would be way too big for me, but after various test runs, this size turned out to be the best size that suits my face shape and upper body.

    To be honest, I think I could actually go a little bigger since my face is so big, but the 8.5-9.0mm already feels very heavy. I'm not accustomed to wearing pearl strand necklace so I was just wondering if this is normal. Sometimes it feels like the pearl necklace is wearing me, not the other way around. However, when I look at pictures, this size is JUST right.

    I've tried 7.5-8mm and 8-8.5mm sizes. While they do feel a lot more comfortable and lighter on me, when I wear the smaller sizes, it looks like I'm wearing a little girl's necklace (mainly because of my huge face). I've been playing with the idea of going back to a smaller size just because this one feels too heavy on me. But before I do, I was just wondering if this is something you eventually get used to? Is it possible they just feel very heavy because I'm not used to wearing jewelry?

    Thanks in advance for your help everyone!

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    This will explain why increasing just a bit in diameter makes for a surprising increase in size (and therefore weight):

    Comparative pearl sizes-- how much difference does 1mm larger really make?

    I do think you will get used to it, though.

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    A very interesting topic for discussion, lovely! Probably you will get used to the weight of the necklace over time, although some women are more aware of weight in necklaces and earrings. I do find if the clasp is small or sharp or rough in any way, I am very sensitive to this, and have to change the clasp for another style, which thankfully I can do myself. (I also cut labels out of my tops immediately, lol.)

    Clasp styles like the Orbit, Toggle, large S hook, large ball, have a broader area at the back of the neck than a small fish hook (traditionally used on pearl necklaces). What sort of clasp does your strand have?

    Sounds like you have a beautiful necklace in a very desirable size! If you like baroque style pearls, keshi are lightweight for their size and might be a good choice.


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    Can you make the strand a little shorter? I like Pattye's suggestion of a bigger clasp so the weight is more evenly distributed across your neck. You can also wear the strand just a little lower/longer in the back. I do this when my ropes start to get heavy. I think you'll get used to them though.

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    I think it's a case of just getting accustomed to your necklace. I think most of us had smaller diameter pearls to begin with and have graduated to larger, heavier pearls theough the years. When I wear lightweight pearls now, I'm constantly touching them to be sure they're still there.

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    I actually got used to the weight. I felt my larger pearls were too heavy originally, but now I layer them on. It always feels weirdly light when I wear a single strand of smaller pearls now.

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    I have pearl strands & ropes of different sizes & while they may feel a little weighty at first, after a while I don't feel the weight at all. I think it's just that you need the time to adjust to the size & get use to the weight.

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