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    Default Pearl extracting experience in tokyo

    Hi all!
    I'm new to this website and this is my first post!

    i liked pearls from young age but in my country, pearl was considered 'for old people/for grandmas', so i didn't really wear them ( i have several cheap freshwater pearl earrings , necklaces purchased during my holiday in the southeast asia but never could wear them here.)

    So when I turned 30, i started buying pearls..telling myself.. i'm old enough now..(and more people started wearing pearls!!!!)
    I started with Tasaki necklaces and earrings (from outlet) and bought a gold southsea pearl earrings in manila,
    black tahitian pearl earrings in japan (i figured i would never be able to go to tahiti..),
    and then..

    last week, i went to tokyo.. before going to tokyo, i've decided to buy akoyas and as i was searching for store information,
    i found this small store that does 'akoya pearl extracting expereince' on saturdays.
    1 shell costs 1300 yen (13 usd) and you can make into anything with extra cost.

    I bought 2 shells and this is waht i got!!!! i was lucky enough to get nice luster and same size (8.7mm) but the colors were different so my only choice was to make into a necklace. (2 shells + setting fee + silver chain= 81usd)
    my friend also tried with 2 shells but only one pearl was good enough to make into something.
    it was so much fun.. anticipating...choosing..and getting the final product..

    whoa.. i don't know where i'm going with this post but i just wanted to say hello and share this experience.

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