Hi Ladies!

Jeremy, Hisano and Inta were in NYC again for the bi-annual NY_NOW show at the Javits center. It was a total blast as usual - we enjoyed a mini-ruckus dinner together and hung out at the little h booth at Javits.

There are loads of pics to share and it will take me some time to sort through them. BUT, wanted to share my ring stack this time. As per usual, I had the pleasure to hand model again for Hisano, and my ring stack got picked up by the Instagram account of Couture, which is the creme de la creme of designers show in Vegas! OMG OMG OMG haha mind blown!!!

Lol I'm beyond excited! They are all Hisano's beautiful creations, but I still can't help to feel giddy! Yay! Please check out both little h AND by_Couture's instagram accounts and like/comment on the photo, please. I want to be invited back to hand model lololol!!! .

This one is the Big Girl's Stack since I stacked all her large focal cocktail rings instead of just the little stacking rings!

This stack also made it to little h's Instagram story - Challenge: can I empty an entire tray of rings onto my fingers? Challenge accepted and squashed! I loaded the entire tray of rings and then some onto my paws!!!

Will share more pics from the show & dinner in the following days!