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    Default jewelry history online, forum etc?


    I would be interested in finding a good jewelry forum.
    I have several boxes and made lots of searches about mostly pearl brands and dealers from early XX period, but most of them have disappeared, and there is absolutely nothing about them.
    I would also find some ressources, makers stamps and names, to id a specific maker.
    For UK silversmith it's quite easy, there are 2 websites, both together we can get the city, period and maker of about anything, but I didn't find such a ressource for french jewelry.
    Here are some examples:
    -what were cartier maker stamps, when, who?What cartier design was used in cases, when?
    -who was "R Juclier spécialiste des perles fines", what did they make, when, did they disappear during WWI?
    -Where can I see real early simulated pearl with genuine platinum diamond clasps, and their cases, lie described in many adverts from early XX, mostly american brands at first view?!

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    parfaitelumiere, you talk of french jewelers who worked with pearls. These are olf stories people has forgotten, then so a little number still loves pearls, in France.
    It is sad, and difficult to understand why.

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