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    Default in between bracelet lengths?

    Hey everyone,
    So excited to join the community!

    I'm looking to invest in a 8mm Hanadama bracelet, but I appear to be in between sizes and I am feeling a bit stuck! I would love to hear peoples thoughts and advice on bracelet lengths based on their experiences.

    My wrist size is 6" and 6" bracelets usually work perfectly. I tried on my mom's current bracelet as well as her old bracelet and this is what happens:

    • 1. With her 7" strand (7mm pearls), the bracelet fits a bit TOO snugly on my wrist. It's not constrictive, but you can see the pearls pressed against my wrist.
    • 2. With her 7.5" strand (9mm pearls), the bracelet is way too loose. I can slip it on and off without taking off the clasp, but it doesn't slide off by itself.

    Both fits are uncomfortable. I want to get 7.5-8mm pearls but I have no idea what size I'm supposed to order. Does anyone have advice?

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    I'm going to be absolutely no help, because I haven't found a pearl bracelet that works for me, either. The diameter of the pearls makes the center of the bracelet sit away from the wrist, which changes the length of the bracelet. But the diameter of the pearls also affects the length itself. And then the type of clasp affects how long a bracelet you need. The only clasp I find I can use easily on a bracelet is a toggle, and I almost never see those on pearl bracelets.

    Have you thought about the pearl bracelets that are strung on elastic?

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    I suggest you visit a craft store that sells beading supplies (like Michael's) and find a temporary strand of 8mm round beads of any kind. Take a tape measure with you.

    Wrap the strand around your wrist such that it fits the way you like it, and measure how long that is. Tell your vendor that is the finished length you need including the clasp, and let them work out how many pearls that is, taking into consideration the space taken up by knots and the clasp you select.

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    Hi welcome to the forum.
    You can also try a chain extender. They come in all kind of metal from plated to solid gold.
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    I think most of our online pearl vendors sell bracelets in a standard length ... worst case, if you order a bracelet and don't like the fit, you can request modifications. Add a pearl, remove a pearl, etc.
    Pearl Dreams had an excellent suggestion about visiting a craft store with a tape measure.
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    Welcome to the forum! I agree, bracelets are the most difficult to get a precision fit! With the size pearls you are talking about 7.5 - 8 mm, just one pearl = 1/4 inch or slightly more. A finished size of 7 1/4 - 7 1/2 inch will likely give the size you want, with a little "drape" yet not falling off your hand. A Hanadama bracelet will be gorgeous! Speak in person to the business when you place your order so they know your concerns.

    When I contract to make stock bracelets for other businesses, with pearls in 8-10 mm, getting a length as close as possible to 7 1/2 inches is the goal, with both knotted pearl and tin cup styles.

    Bweaves, right on about challenges of bracelet wearing!

    Good suggestion, Pearl Dreams!

    Jenny, extenders are especially helpful for necklaces!


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