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    Default Bought a collection of undrilled pearls, not sure what they are.

    Hi again.
    Thank you all for your help with identifying my dyed freshwater pearl necklace and Teaching me some of the differences between cultured freshwater and cultured salt water pearls. I have been trying to put some of that knowledge to use when purchasing pearl necklaces ( I have been trying to purchase a pearl necklace for each of my nieces at thrift stores.) while searching I came across this little collection of pearls which was inexpensive enough that I purchased them, as they had a glow unlike the pearls I have purchased before. Wondering if someone could help me identify them. The blue hues are new to me. And all the pearls glow way more then my standard white freshwater pearls.
    Thank you again
    Best Amelia
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    Were these all one lot, from a thrift store? Are they undrilled?

    Last year I found a lot of 8 assorted, undrilled FWP at a charity consignment store. The ones I bought are undoubtedly FWP from an oyster pearl-opening party. I paid $10 for the lot so I could show them to my family. If your are also undrilled they may be from a similar source.

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    Hi, yes they are from goodwill thrift and they are all undrilled. I have never heard of oyster parties, had no idea that was a thing. Thought maybe someone collected them, or the thrift had grouped them together to sell as a lot. Are these all fresh water? They are so much brighter then the ones I have on necklaces. Though I guess that might be because the oils from the hands and neck caused the necklace pearls to dull.

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    I'm guessing they are all indeed fwp from these parties. People buy a bunch before realizing they don't match in color, size, etc. and then it's not worth having them drilled and made into anything. A few of mine have nice luster also.

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    They look like baroque blue and gold akoya pearls to me.
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    You have a good eye for pearls! These pearls really do have a high luster; do you have an idea what size they are? Usually rulers have one side in millimeters, to give us a rough idea.

    Pearl B looks baroque, but the others seem very round.

    Wondering if the silvery pearls are Tahitians? And the smaller ones Akoya? These could be drilled and made into something very pretty, by adding spacers or chain.


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    Thank you so much for all your help. I measured the 4 largest pearls using my husbands calipers and added their measurements to the pic. It is very hard to photograph these pearls especially D which looks completely different in person. I took a picture with D pearl in my palm to show how it looks off white paper towel. D pearl has a rainbow of undertones that appear on white towel it’s a magical pearl. Also pearl A has a nipple, I tried to get a pic of it, so A and B are not round.

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    Here are more pics of pearl D. It is the most unusual out of the bunch in terms of its color change.
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