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    Thank you, everyone! The consensus seems to be to start with the shorter strand. Why is that?

    I do have a dress that I think will go well. Maybe too well. I don't want the pearls to fade out. I usually have to actually try it on to see.

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    I think that I always start with the shorter strand because it can be tricky to make an even shorter one. Many of my strands are of diffrent lenghts, mostly because of the pearls size. Smaller pearls don't bother me if they are pretty close to my neck, but bigger pearls take up more space. Rambling a bit. What I think I mean is that if you take an 18 inch strand of 6mm pearls and one 18inch strand of 10mm pearls, the larger pearl strand looks shorter because of the volume. So I make the shorter strand as short as I want it, and depending on pearlsize it can be somewhere between 16-20 inches. Then it is easier to see how long the next strand should be. I hope this makes sence...

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    Linda, I'm thinking you are planning a shorter necklace, not a 2-strand rope. Is that so? Do you have a favorite strand length? With the pearls you are using, you will want to keep an even pattern. You can decide how closely you want the strands to sit. You can have it all your way! As you've mentioned, playing with 2 temp strands will help you sort it all out.


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